Wineries Palomar Sánchez is a small and familiar business. We grow our own grapes and elaborate our own wines. We take care of our own vineyards organic and individually to make the best of them. Then we select the best grapes each year in order to obtain 20,000 bottles of wine fermented with the grapes’ own yeasts. Therefore we consider ourselves passionate, artisan and committed producers.

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The Winery is situated 2kms from Tarancón (Cuenca), and occupies an extension of 16 hectares. The geological and climatical characteristics of this region are exceptionally good for wine growing, the altitude 800 metres, light rainfall, less than 500mm, through the summer, the clay and limestone soil all come together to form the ideal conditions necessary for the production of the best grapes, the most important ingredient of a top quality wine.

The vineyards are distributed over different areas, all unirrigated: Aldehuela, Sabuco, Santísimo, Monte Encina, Hoyabaza. The predominant varieties are tempranillo, merlot and syrah.