Between heaven and earth

In Palomar Sánchez Wineries we consider ourselves fortunate to have our own vineyards. However, we understand that land is a common good, it does not belong to anyone, it simply passes from generation to generation. Each of those generations have the duty of taking the best possible care and making good use of it. Land must be left in good condition for future generations, women and men.

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Following this philosophy, we take care of our vineyards trying to keep their individuality and characteristics in harmony with the surrounding elements (microclimate, meteorology, the seasons…). Our aim is that each wine is identified with the soil in which the grape grows.

Moreover, we consider ourselves to be organic both in the care and elaboration of the wine. We take special care of keeping our winery in perfect hygienic conditions and in using our own grape yeast when fermenting the wine. By doing so, we as vinegrowers, will play our role as small cogs in the great machinery that is the universe.